I - Introduction - TRUE WEST

I taught the Alexander Technique in Melbourne for 23 years working in many arts institutions before moving home to Tasmania. During this time, I had the pleasure of observing masterclasses by Larry Moss and Howard Fine. These two incredible acting coaches and directors both loved having an Alexander Technique teacher in the space to occasionally help an actor calm their nervous system, get more grounded, come to presence and find a freer breath. All of these are necessary fundamentals for the actor. 

Both Larry and Howard encouraged actors to always be working, you can’t sit around for the phone to ring, you need to be taking classes and reading and doing plays. A musician, singer or dancer will work on their craft for hours a day, the actor needs to do the same. Two of my Alexander students in Hobart who are amazing actors with a thirst for the craft of acting, and have a healthy and disciplined work ethic are Jacob Golding and Sam Tooker. It was at Jacob’s 22nd birthday party that I was talking to them and realised they needed to do a play.

To be continued...
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