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Jacob Golding

TRUE WEST by Sam Shepard

TRUE WEST by Sam Shepard

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Sometimes your little brother just drives you absolutely insane, right? Or, if you don't have a little brother, you have that friend who is great and everything, but can totally make you want to throw things at them? Well, imagine that kind of relationship built up over 30 years or so, that's a lot of history, and now imagine that after a five year hiatus, they're stuck together in a room with nothing other than booze, burnt toast, and the sound of yapping coyotes to occupy their time. Chances are, things are going to get ugly. That's the situation at hand in Sam Shepard's True West, and "ugly" doesn't even begin to cover what is about to unfold...

Presented by Sam Tooker and Jacob Golding.

Directed by Penny McDonald. 
Featuring Alex Sangston.

Dates: 15-25 September, 2022

Venue: The Hidden Theatre - Kickstart Arts Precinct, 12 St Johns Ave, New Town, 7008


THIS SHOW IS 15+ (Course language, adult themes) Parental guidance is advised for young audience members.

REFUND GUARANTEE. This show is COVID-Safe and is operating under the guidelines of the Australian Federal and State Governments. If this show is unable to continue due to COVID-19, you will receive a refund. NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED TO TICKET PURCHASERS IF THEY ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND (THIS INCLUDES IF YOU GET COVID).


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